Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The World is Falling... oh wait thats just snow

This was the perfect song to have come on random as I walked outside this evening on my way to class and found the world glittering with fresh snow. The snow fell as this song set a beautiful and calm mood in my ears. To bad I got home from class, threw my things on the couch and sat down at my computer only to moments later  notice my cat chewing on my headphones. It was seconds to late and she chewed straight through. No more mood setting songs in my ears for a while I guess?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

March 1989

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with my schools collection of Vogue. They date back to the 50's so expect many more vintage Vogue related posts. Today I decided to look at the March 1989 issue as it is the year and month I was born. I came across some quite amazing images and pieces that kind of fit my style really well. It seems that Spring polka dots, animal prints, cut-outs, fringe, mixed prints, and matalics were very in. There seemed to be an odd shoe trend, one that doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of the 80's/90's. Notice the occurrence of Victorian styled shoes.

1. Head to toe leopard print. An amazing editorial piece for sure.

2. Heart shapes are an undeniable weakness of mine. This heart cut out body is maybe making me wish I could have anyone piece of clothing from the year I was born.

3. Match your gloves to your dress to the extreme. Fringe on fringe. The fringe gloves are really awesome.

4. Camel colored fringed leathers? Please?

5. I have another great weakness for crinolines and very full skirts.

6. Here is the mixed prints I mentioned. And polka dots. I swear I have never seen as many as i did flipping through this magazine. I really liked this mix of paisley and polka.

7. I'm not sure what it is that got me here?

8. Here I like the mixed textures all in black and all with a bit of luxury. The beaded midriff baring top, the high wasted silk brocade trousers,( I really like that space between your tiny top and your high waist bottoms look)  and the baggy lace jacket.

9. Save my fave editorial picture for last. I am liking the mixed florals here, The look and fit of that blazer, and oh my those sunnies!

The rest of the images are advertisements that caught my eye. Whether it was because of wide proportions, fitted leather, androgyny, great plastic jewelry, or hula hoops.


Saturday, January 23, 2010


finally figured out titles again.

I was immediately drawn to this sunflower bedroom whilst flipping through a 1992 copy of Vogue in the school library. I always say that when I own my own home there will be an over abundance of wall paper. It promises not to be subtle. I love the large size of the flowers and the use of the wall paper on both the floors and the walls. I would feel as if I were inside a fancy gift box. I am also having strong feelings towards that gold lame bedspread.

I will be posting more 90's Vogue scans soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion seems almost obsolete when you are sans social life. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm happier and more comfortable leaving the house for any reason dressed like me than when i throw on jeans and a tee. So school and work get the bulk of my outfits. I really do enjoy dressing up for class though. It just seems appropriate. I go to school for fashion marketing and it sometimes seems a bit strange for me when students dress so down for class. You are making an impression on teachers and class mates and in this building with industry professionals. An opportunity could arise at any time.  I also still have that excitement of the first day back. This week was the first of winter quarter.

Tuesday, my first day back to class called for breaking out these thrifted Gap  leather pants. Though I had a wish for skinny leathers these boot-cut ones do well enough rolled up. I wanted to keep the look clean but layered so I layered this sheer button up over my staple white slip cut to tank. The shoes are Forever 21 but as my manager pointed out are pretty exact Surface to air lookalikes. The blue tights give some color because I'm not usually one for black and white. 

Today to work I picked some more layers. Probably a bad idea because of how warm my work is. The best part of this outfit i think is the Betsey Johnson over the knee socks that came in a care package from my momma.

My last little tidbit is on my current goal to incorporate garters into outerwear. I don't think I've got it down. I want to find a more substantial girdle/garter because the one I have definitely can not pass as clothing. This idea was inspired by  Susie Bubble and Queen Michelle. I also played with the idea on Looklet because I'm that much of a dork. I will share again when I have taken this concept to a more stylish place.

Pictures 1,2,3,4: thrifted top, tank and Gap leather pants, Hue tights, Forever 21 wedges.
Picture 5: Surface To Air
Pictures 6,7,8:  Cardigans band tee, Rodarte for Target tulle top, vintage velvet shrug, Vintage black dress underneath, forever 21 leggings, Betsey Johnson socks, unknown wedges, H&M necklace.
9,10,11,12: old tee, thrifted corset top thing, belt, and shoes, Betsey Johnson tights, Free People tube top as skirt.
15: made with

Monday, January 11, 2010

Luxury Jones
I came across Luxury Jones and felt I should share. The line is designed by Niki Dimitras. It seems to have started as a Etsy shop but has grown to be stocked at boutiques online and in New York, Portland, and Daily Candy tells me now at a boutique called Roslyn in my very own Chicago, will have to check this out. Luxury Jones is has an appealing boho, pretty, girly, rock style. It holds on to its handmade look without feeling crafty. Its just ripped up enough and just put together enough to make me smile at just the idea of adding a piece or two to my closet.

Vintage prints, sequins, pleasant pattens, and gorgeous headpieces. I'm loving it all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

 I don't think the word "fashion" would appear in my mothers description of herself. Today as a teacher, her work wardrobe is dress pants or a skirt and a nice top. Her free time is spent in straight leg jeans, black on black converse, a tee or tan,k and a cardigan. Of course growing up it was almost embarrassing to have a mother who dressed so cool and casual when other mothers where i grew up were oh so conservative. When she describes her style when she was growing up she tells me that she had a few pieces she loved and wore until they wore out. ( a feat that seems nearly impossible because of the quantity of clothing that hang in my closet.) She also said her mom would buy her things that she would hate at first but then she would wear once just because and she would fall in love with it. While I was in Detroit over the holiday I flipped through some old pictures as my grandparents and found some pictures that illustrate the simplicity but surely the style of my dear mom. They also show the clear change from when my grandmother chose her clothes to when she chose her own. Maybe my fashion genealogy come from a mixture of my grandmas tendency towards girly , pretty dresses, and my mothers hippie and rockeresque simplicity, plus a bit of my own craziness. Favorite statements of my mothers here : Buddy Holly glasses in the image of her and i, along with that big shouldered blazer over plaid top, and the Democracy for china tee.