Monday, December 29, 2008

colected and coveted

Old things get to me. Old things trigger an incredible feeling for me. Old things create deep pleasure. Old things feel like treasures. Old things in collection, even better. I'm kind of a collector. I just like things that feel precious. Even plastic dinosaurs from thrift stores are precious to me. Treasures that once belonged to another person, and then they didn't want them or need them anymore. Or somehow they got lost to that person. When I find these things in little shops I am exhilarated in the strangest way. I guess vintage clothing is an obvious collection of mine. Just dresses and such that used to belong in another person's everyday wardrobe that are now a part of mine. That's a cool feeling to me. Clothing with history. Old things have history beyond my life.

So those vintage clothes hang in my closet and those plastic dinos sit on my cupboards.

I guess I think these old things are beautiful and these old things are my sense of fashion. They are kind of the reason I love fashion. I love how everything becomes old but anything can become new. Fashion to me is about composition and old things, and collections remind me of that.

Stacks of hat boxes. preferable vintage hat boxes. My collection only consists of six lovely boxes. It's a collection I hope to enhance in the future. The boxes stacked one on another, different sizes, colors, patterns, latches, strings, and lids.The art and the randomness of the composed pile.

And then one more thing, lovely old thing. My current obsession, my current desire. Typewriters. I want one. So pure and real. It doesn't include cool things like blogs and Photoshop, and facebook and mystylediary like this yellow Dell laptop does but sometimes, who needs that all? Just keys and words, the sound of your words, and the immediate gratification of the paper copy. All complete on a marvelous little machine.

RoyalQuiet DeLuxe

Hermes Baby/Rocket 1960s Smith-Corona Silent-Super 1950s

Typewriters from