Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have you had enough Miu Miu?

I'm not one to buy something I do not adore just for a label. Not that I truly can buy designer as a part time retail associate anyway. But when there is a pair of very usable, pretty cool looking tan Miu Miu heels sitting on a dirty Salvation Army shelf for $2.95 whats a girl to do? I of course scooped them up although they bared many dirt marks on the fabric. That was easy to scrub off. Maybe its all the Miu Miu craze after the disgustingly good Spring 2010 show but it felt almost cliche to pick up the pair. Oh well. They are quite a good addition to the shoe closet (heaping pile of shoes at the floor of my closet).

I mean they are no...wondrously high and chunky, printed with cats, and birds dream creations such as...

But this is what they are and I quite like them...

I wore them rather simply today to work and school. I've been gravitating towards jeans a lot lately which is a bit strange as I almost never wear jeans, or pants for that matter.

Wearing: fringe top- made by a friend of my moms, jeans- F21, Shoes- thrifted Miu Miu, ring F21.

....................................................................................................................................................................................... More Miu Miu

As you can see I favored the cat print most of all.

All images that are not my own are from Style.com.

Friday, April 23, 2010

hippy head

I really love this Free People headband, but with its $118 price tag and its easy DIY promise... I think I'll try the DIY option. A similar piece may also be a part of the line for my product development class this quarter. I better get started on some sketches!

Girl of Our Dreams

You will be hard pressed to find an American fashion magazine with the excitingly fresh simplicity and genuineness of a British magazine like Lula Girl o My Dreams. The content is really what you notice while reading. In an issue of Vogue the editorials get lost in a sea of advertising and layouts are so standard and congested that looking at each page is a lot of work. Lula goes from mostly full page images to interview pages that are clean black on white text blocks. It enables you to get lost in an interview and really take in the text. In other magazines I feel that my eyes are flitting from place to place when I try to read an article which usually leads me to get bored very quickly and move on. With the twice a year release of Lula and its adventure across the sea to end up eventually in a Borders in Chicago, I'm never quite sure when to expect it. Early this week I wondered into Borders before work and found my Lula. Dropped $15.99 on the oh so pretty and sturdy pages and walked out so much happier. I love that this magazine is so shamelessly girly but does not stop at just its cuteness. Lula is witty, smart, playful, strong, artistic, AND adorable. No wonder shes the girl of our dreams.

First I was really excited to learn about a Chicago design team. Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier of Creatures of the Wind design a line that definitely has a Mid-Western sensibility but is in no way boring. Lovely sheers, fabric twists, and subtly shapes draw the eye into the wonderful little details. They also like to incorporate a little bit of craftiness which makes it feel very assessable. I'm dreaming over this pink metallic top from their site.

There were many other images from the issue of Lula that caught my little eye for a variety of whatever reasons. I enjoyed these images from an editorial "Polka Dots and Moonbeams". I really like how each editorial has a fun name and a simple cover page which introduces the images. 

"Upon the My-O-My because You're Sweet and Lovely"

"The Angels Hung Around"

"Stillness is the Move"

"Dawn is Mine but I Will Share It Dancing Til the Break of Day"
And rightly so a Party for Lula's 5th birthday ensued upon the issues last pages. They celebrated with silver heart shaped balloons, books, funny bunny sunnies (Peter Jensen), and pillow fights!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I acquired some big mushrooms from displays at work. My home is turning into a visual merchandising prob shop. Mannequins, jewelry hands, big bugs, dress forms, and now mushrooms. I posed in front of them in one of the outfits I wore to class this week. The lighting in my apartment is terrible. No natural light what so ever because we are on the first floor with very large 2-3 store houses on either side. The pictures are almost to blurry to be bothering to post. But here they are anyway to annoy you. I really love the little wood grain triangles on this Forever 21 top.

This next one is even more  dark and hard to see, but I was really pleased with this outfit... that you can't even see the details of. Great. The sheer skirt is one of my New York purchases that I said I was going to post about but have not. It did not look quite so crinkled at the beginning of the day, but I was at school for 13 hours. You can't expect too much. I found the skirt which is by Marc Jacobs for $30 in a resale shop in Brooklyn Hights.

And this would be my significant other in a Iron Man mask at Target. He just wanted to say hello.

first outfit: top,headband-F21, slip/dress, heels-thrifted, socks-Betsey Johnson, necklace-own design
second outfit: dress-thrifted DKNY, skirt- Marc Jacobs, turban- vintage, shoes- Rocket Dog

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sky high

I've always had a thing for wedges. I'm no good in stilettos and heels ( a chuncky heel I can do). The sturdy support of a wedge is a must for a 5 foot 2 klutz. Plus the wedge walk is so powerful. But I've had enough of these one inch platform with four inch heel wedges. I want to tower above all. Mighty tall wedges with some real umph. Wedges that make all other shoes in their presence feel small and insufficient. In the picture in my head these wedges had at least a three inch platform in front. They were closed toe and the color was unspecific. My search has been unfruitful....but then I came across these Irregular choice babies...

Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC looks

After my three day stint in Detroit, I drove 11 hours to New Jersey/ New York City with my 2 older sisters and my mom. At around 3 am we arrived to my Aunt and Uncles' cozy New Jersey apartment. The next day we traveled into the city where my sisters and I stayed with my oldest sisters oldest friend. It was a fine weekend full of Brooklyn streets, wine, second hand shops, modern art, and lots of delish foodies. My favorite shops included designer consignment at Tokio 7 in East Village and the huge Beacons Closet in Williamsburg.  There will be somewhat more elaboration on the subject in my next post which should cover what I bought. For now its the standard what was worn while hopping around NYC for a couple of days. Heels may have been swapped for flats at some point I will not lie.
outfit 1: stripe top- Free People, both skirts, leather bustier, belt, sunnies- thrifted, rings- Forever 21 and own design, shoes- Converse.
outfit 2: top, white skirt, belts-thrifted, pink skirt- Free People, socks- Betsey Johnson, shoes- Melissa Vivienne Westwood.
outfit 3: tee-Old Navy, jacket-vintage, skirt- Undercover Co. ,Ltd, leggings- Forever 21, shoes- Alice & Olivia for Payless, necklace- H&M.