Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cats and pastels

I am always annoyed when websites change things for really no good reason. The changes don't often make it worse necesarily but, rarely better either. One thing that has consistintly always annoyed me is that the updater gets confused my the simpilist comands. Mainly "NOOOO I am clicking my cursour ABOVE the picture OBVIOUSLY because I want to type ABOVE the picture!" Sorry this just bothers me everytime I update. Normaly I manage to move it up there but right now I am not even in the mood to fight it out. I took these photos a few days ago. This is the outfit I wore to see Cults. They were really fun live, but I realised I must be out of the indie music scene when the show was populated by bros and bar girls. I am pretty into this punk corset thing I thrifted and Value World last time I was in Michigan. It was a bit tricky to outfit  it ad not look... well just odd. I like it paired back with these high waist black shorts and gray tee. Also, aren't my kitten nails cute?