Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bunny head

Durring my short summer break I have meant to be really productive. I have crafty projects on the mind and cover letters for internships to write. The reality is that when I have a day off from work I sleep till one, drink coffee, mess around on the computer, and maybe hit up a thrift store. That pretty much summarizes my day today. I did so in my new Free People sweatshirt dress. I like Free People because although the brand has such a specific aesthetic  its fun to put your own style into.  The bunnies are the scarf in my hair. I need to count the number of rabbit related clothing and accessories I own because it is probably ridiculous. Also I just finished reading and then watching Lolita so my sunglasses seemed fitting. I was really expecting heart shaped glasses to be mentioned in the book or seen in the movie but they are only on the cover of the movie.

Credit to Liz and Pat's couch which I blogged all over.

outfit: dress- Free People, Shoes- Alice and Olivia for Payless, scarf and necklaces, vintage.

Monday, June 28, 2010

trying to look ok despite being very tired

Baaah 4:30 am is the worst time to wake up. By the time I get home I feel just about like a zombie. My mom was visiting me in Chicago this weekend. We had some eats, some laughs, and some shops. Despite picking up household necessitates my mother took me shopping for some pretty things. At a thrift shop I got this black sheer button up dress. Anything sheer and kinda drapey is right up my alley these days. I also picked this ring (the circular one with the blue stone in the center.) On Sunday right before she left we brunched at the delicious Bongo Room and while waiting the half hour for our table we poked into Free People. Despite the decent collection of Free People in my wardrobe I have never bought anything in the store. I ended up leaving with a lavender sweatshirt dress which was on sale and a black layering halter bra. I will show these off at a later date.I wore this outfit to work today except minus heels plus flats.
I got this vintage envelope necklace at s flea market but I saw the exact same thing on Mod Cloth in silver. Weird.

Outfit: bottom dress-H&M, top dress-thrift,Express, shoes-F21, Star of David choker- sent to me by my grandmas cousin years ago, envalope necklace- vintage, rings-F21 and Vintage, bracelets-vintage.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jeffrey and Irregualr

I never really think about loving shoes. But I think I really do love shoes. Jeffery Campbell and Irregular Choice are the only "affordable" brands that understand what I mean when I say I want reeeeaaaallllyyyy high heels. Too bad that's like over a fourth of a paycheck for me.
this collage was made in Paint because Michael is on my computer that has Photoshop.
Now I must go to bed and dream of being 5 foot 8 because I have to be up in five hours for work!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lost and gone

I lost those rings in the Merchandise Mart food court restroom. Took them off to wash my hands because one is wood and the other is from Forever and likes to turn to its true copper color when exposed to too much water... or too much wear. I walked back into the restroom 5 minutes later and they were no where to be found. The Mart cleaning woman was so helpful and sweet trying to help me locate them but no luck. She told me her daughter lost her engagement ring the same way. My rings were not that valuable obviously; they had a combined retail value of $11. I was able to replace the Forever 21 ring easily but i returned to Randolph Street Market on Sunday to see if the guy selling the wood rings was there. He was nowhere to be found.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

product d

During the past quarter I worked on a group project that I am pretty proud of. For my product development class, my group had to create prototypes for the jewelry brand Sequin. We chose to create a private line for Urban Outfitters called Lace by Sequin. We were inspired by lingerie and vintage bits and bobs. I designed three pieces which my group and I crafted from fabric, chains, and vintage brooches. We built a book including imagery, inspiration, color, trends, marketing plans, and product specifications. I wanted to show off some of the results here. I'm posing the inspiration board, product drawings, and photographs of the finished product. My group members talked me into modeling the pieces in the photographs that we showed in our final presentation. Embarrassing, but as it was pointed out I don't seem to have any shame about showing the world pictures of myself. Hence this here blog. Please excuse the drawing I am a marketing student and never claimed to be an artist.
board and drawings and 3rd photo by me, other photos taken by Alice.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thrifty Thrift

Thursday was my first day off from everything in forever. I had no work and I am at the beginning of a three week break from school. I took myself out to lunch for a delish sandwhich and amazing iced thai coffee at The Bourgeois Pig. I then crossed the street to The White Elephant Thrift Shop. After helping the children with a few fashionable purchases I took the train over to my favorite thrift store, Village Discount Outlet. I find myself spending many free moments peaking around thrift shops hoping for hidden treasures.

Thrift sweater and necklace

Thrifted Giorgio Armani sweater bodysuit, and thrift skirt

Thrifted party dress and chucks

Thrift sheer shirt

Thrift skirt

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jesca Hoop

I've been listening to Jesca Hoop kind of non stop lately. I'm not very good at describing music so I can't lyrically explain her sound, or really tell you why I enjoy her music. Her voice is kind of haunting? Her lyrics are clever? moving? her music is melodic? beautiful? I guess I could just say take a listen... This I would not say is my favorite song from the album I have been absorbing but I figured it would be more entertaining if I showed you one with a music video. Fashion has become and I guess always has been so linked to musical artists. Female musicians allways have such a distinct style. Like how this video could almost serve as a fashion mood video. I love the shoulders of the jacket at the beginning as well as those feather ear pieces Anyway enough.

this actually IS my favorite song from the album....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

jewels and such

A little internet window shopping on a Friday night has lead me to Shrimpton Couture where I came across these wondrously large necklaces by Anita Quansah.  They make me want to get back into jewelry making more than anything. I've had some fun crafting around the house to make things, but I'd like to get my hands back on a torch and some solder and all that jazz again. My new plan is to graduate college continue working retail and start a jewelry line but that won't happen with my rusty metalsmithing skills and lack of access to equipment. (I don't think that is really my life plan I'm just bitter about anything else.) I am planning to take a jewelry class at an art center this summer as I have not taken one since the five times I took the class in high school. Annnnnnnyway... back to Anita Quansah beautiful collection for Shrimpton Couture. I adore how over sized these pieces are. They are like statement necklaces plus some. Just take a look.
all images from Shrimpton Couture