Sunday, August 30, 2009


Though the summer barely came, today felt like a beautiful early fall day. You can see how people are ready to give up on summer ever truely coming and ready to embrase the fall on it's way. Everywhere you look women wear tights, great boots, cozy sweaters, and falls signature blazer. The thing is we hardly ever get to embrase the fall in these parts. It goes from 90 degrees to blizzards before one can even notice the change. Today I was happy to put on my black skinny's with a layered but still summery look, throw on a gray hoodie and ride my bike to work, stopping for iced coffee at Dunkin on the way. These Juicy Couture platforms were the basis of my summer wordrobe, as they are comfy enough to stand and walk for eight hours at work. I am just not quite ready to let them go for the nine months of cold ahead. Overall though, I'm psyched as everyone for the beautiful layers, shapes, and colors of my favorite season, the always tragically short fall.

homemade headband, Gap tee, thrifted corset top thing, thrifted belt, Urban Outfitters jeans, Juicy couture wedges, Fuji Allegro bike

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NI Feathers

When Forever 21 is too expensive for you, it's a sad life. This dress was at work for forever for about $16. I just couldn't bring myself to swing that. On the sale rounder for $7.99 it joined my wardrobe. Today consisted of sitting and waiting through the bureaucracy that is my school. Then to the NIN concert with the boyfriend and friends from his hometown. Not really my type of music but it was pretty good. Just reliving the time when I was 8 and I went with my mom to see them. Even in the midst of the black and rockenrolly I felt the need of throwing in my favorite color combo of bright orange and lilac from that Luella spring 2009 collection.