Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bus Blues

Hi. Remember me? It's okay I don't either. I disapeared from life in general a bit lately, but surely vanished from this vehicle of communication. I use the word vehicle for multiple reasons, which I guess you will get when you take a look at the photos that will inevitable follow my random chatter. My life has been packed with massive change and it has gotten to me a bit. I've found myself slightly immoble yet incredible busy. I moved from Chicago back to Detroit about two months ago, and just recently moved into my own place. If you happen to have checked my Tumblr this may be repetative. I won't get into the gritty details of my move. I'll just use it as an emotional excuse as to why I stopped blogging. Anyway the past two months living in Detroit has been a sureal blur that I am still trying to work out. Things have calmed down quite a bit, and I am just looking forward to starting some kind of life here. A week ago in the midst of a memorable moment this blue bus pulled up into the parking lot next to my building. All week it just sat there. I needed some kind of backdrop for some outfit pictures, so there.

dress: Free People, tights: ?, socks, F21, boots: Gap, earring: vintage

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cats and pastels

I am always annoyed when websites change things for really no good reason. The changes don't often make it worse necesarily but, rarely better either. One thing that has consistintly always annoyed me is that the updater gets confused my the simpilist comands. Mainly "NOOOO I am clicking my cursour ABOVE the picture OBVIOUSLY because I want to type ABOVE the picture!" Sorry this just bothers me everytime I update. Normaly I manage to move it up there but right now I am not even in the mood to fight it out. I took these photos a few days ago. This is the outfit I wore to see Cults. They were really fun live, but I realised I must be out of the indie music scene when the show was populated by bros and bar girls. I am pretty into this punk corset thing I thrifted and Value World last time I was in Michigan. It was a bit tricky to outfit  it ad not look... well just odd. I like it paired back with these high waist black shorts and gray tee. Also, aren't my kitten nails cute?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ooh child, Things are gonna get easier

This is what I need someone to tell me. I can't say things are a bowl of candy right now. My strong cinical side keeps taking over and my little optimistic voice keeps getting shhed. I know things will turn though. When I am feeling low I try to reverse it my dressing in things that make me happy. I was feeling childlike vibes that the world is just a playground, no cares at all, as I slipped on this bright pink tule skirt, pastel sweatshirt, and plastic charm necklace. Just hoping those whimsical dreams that anything is possible will rub off on my attitute!

sweatshirt, shoes, belt- thrifted, necklace-vintage, heart ring- F21, bracelet- H&M, star ring- by me

Monday, March 12, 2012

Neon Fade, Neon Bright

Apologies for the overload of photos of the same outfit. We just got so many great ones I couldn't choose! Yeah I'm vein, but I have come to terms with that. The light of day was just about to disapear but we cought it just in time. It was been so glorious out these last couple days, I don't remember a arch like this since... ever. A week or so ago I discovered a new favorite thrift spot. The Village Discount Outlet in ogan Square. I had been there before, about 4 years ago by recomendation of a classmate, but when I found nothing I guess I wrote it off imediatly. On about a monthy basis I visit the Roscoe Village location. When I finaly gave Logan another chance it paid off big time. I bought this button up in a kind of faded neon shade and this neon green jersey skirt (among other treasures.) As I was shopping I knew they needed to be paired together. The shirt is amazing with the little woden buttons and frayed collor and pockets. It is all in the detail. And I don't even know if I want to talk about me feelings about these Asos glasses as I think they affection I feel makes me sound even more absolutly crazy than I already do.

shirt, skirt, cardigan, belt- Thifted, sunglasses- Asos, shoes- Jeffery Campbell

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Spent the day (after waking at 4pm...) doing laundry. Couldn't resist some londromat outfit shots. Although my phone was my only tool and I was trying not to look crazy. I may look like a zombie. If so blame it on a week of overnights. As of now it is time for more rest.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I feel like I am neglecting this blog. I have been trying to post something to tumbler daily, but even there the content is lackluster. I am workingovernights all week at work for floorset so unless you want to see me sleeping or wearing loungy clothes there is no point or time for outfit posts this week. But I don't want to leave this thing totaly in the dead zone. So, tonights blog topic is my all time favorite Skins character..... CASSIE.

Loved her flighty, dramatic, oddly deep, and sinister character and how it contrasted against her quirky outfits, Alwasy in a perfect mismatch of clothing items. I fell for her childish details of colorful socks, animal prints, little skate board handing from her blazer, and that green water gun. And I am obsessed with the lizard necklace as well. But I think my favorite cassie moment was when she moke up after the foodfight party and so nonchalantly slipped into that cold beaded 60's dress with layerd socks and glitter brouges... amazing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have been happy in pastel shades as of late. My hair is kind of a color pallet. Pastels evoke thoughts of spring yes, but they also have that kind of faded cold feeling that blends right into chilly February days. Like this tired, sad air that has washed most the worlds color away. The drones of winter are just waiting for spring to bring the color back. A good sign spring ad color will be back soon? Salvation Army had 50% off all sweaters the otherday when I bought this yellow pastel one. I think this sweater is a perfect transition piece. Picture this same outfit no tights and now coat and hat when I leave the house.

Sweater-thrift, loafers- thrifted vintage Bass, romper- Free People.