Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today Michael and I visited Randolph Street Market to take a gander at some odds and ends. Randolph Street Market is a seasonal antique flea market that sets up in and outside Plumbers Hall in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. There are lots off  cool treasures to browse from furniture, artwork, odds and ends, vintage clothing, and jewelry. Today I just picked up a wood carved ring and a simple reconstructed pink tulle skirt. Michael got a mini organ instrument to try to incorporate into his music and some strange but cool glasses.

Every time I have been this artwork has been there. paintings on glass of old windows. The images and the concept are really neat.

Outfit-jumpsuit, belt- thrift, headband- F21, shoes-Sonia Riekel for H&M

Friday, May 28, 2010

I rock the cowgirl blues.

Yes, my title is Motion City Soundtrack lyrics. Which is only somewhat embarrassing. I am not sure what triggered my urge for some cowboy inspired get-up yesterday but alas, it was a bit of fun. These high heel cowboy boots have been in my closet for ages and have been worn maybe once before. I think it was when I spotted my boyfriends "Don't mess with Texas" that the whole look came into my mind. I've never been to Texas before and I can't imagine I would love it but oh well. These jean have become sort of my live in jeans which is weird for me to say about any jeans. They are a little too big on my waist, inconvenient because I don't really own belts that fit at my hips. I wore this yesterday to work on stuff in the library, gallop off for pizza with Sabrina, and then to close at work.
Sorry the pictures aren't so great. I have a really nice camera that I really need to learn how to use.

Outfit: tank, boots, scarf-thrift, jeans, necklace, rings-F21, belt-boyfriends

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the sheer thuth

Like many these days, it seems I'm surely stuck on sheers. Sheer layers over nice prints are a favorite. I've been drawn to lot of sheer robes and such to throw over any outfit but had been hankering for a sheer pair of legs. So when I saw these pants while wondering the web I quieted my qualms with the American Apparel brand. Who would have thought all it would take was a pair of navy sheer trousers to make me sulk into one of the too many local locations. The last time this happened was with my shiny pink backpack. (Which is not doing so well with the weight of college lately. Damn advertising text book and 12 hour school days.)

Today I wore them with floral and a necklace I made a while back from some collected bits and bobs.

and just yesterday I threw them on with hearts and monochromatic navy-ness.

Sinsheerly yours,

Outfit 1: skirt as top-F21, random bike shorts, pants- American Apparel, shoes- Juicy Couture, necklace-own design, rings- F21
Outfit 2: top-F21, shoes - H&M, belt and necklaces- vintage

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My favorite place.

What a nice little weekend I've had. Last night one of my closest friends, Mary,  was in town with her family to see her oldest brothers band Cola-Cola. I met up with her to see them at Reggie's Music Joint. Afterward we went out for a bit to a karaoke bar and had a good time.

Today I met up on our bikes with Megan and Alice by the lake. With a strong wind slowing us, we rode down the lakefront trail. We stopped and checked out The Sometimes Store. Quite a sweet little place. The concept is that their location changes. They set up in store fronts, apartments, or where ever the Chicago wind blows them. Its open on Sundays. I didn't find anything today but it is worth future visits.

On my way home, I stopped by my favorite place in the city. Its just a rocky area near the Lincoln Park Zoo that the waves crash up against and there is a beautiful view of the skyline.

All this biking was done while I was busy wearing these 5 inch Sonia Rykiel for H&M wedges. I had wanted them for a while, but when I saw them for $15 on sale I was a happy clam. I'm still in waiting for crazy high platform wedges but these ones are pretty up there. They were fun to wear besides the judgmental  looks  from "athletes" and the one real bike chick who passed me on the lakefront trail and sarcastically shouted "nice biking shoes."

Random note. I was really entertained by this police bike locked up with handcuffs.
Outfit: fishnet top- We Love Colors, dress- Free People, leggings- F21, wedges- Sonia Ryikel for H&M, headband- H&M, necklaces- vintage and own design.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ugly Pictures

I really hate when you think you look good all day but then you take  a picture and in the picture what you thought looked cool looks plain terrible. That's how I felt today. In the mirror I liked it, in the pictures not so much. But I guess I will share them anyway. Yesterday I made an all too regular trip to Salvation Army. I picked up these metallic copper leather pants that I hoped to cut into shorts. They really looked as if they would fit, but I got them home and could not zip them up. Oh well I thought and I took the scissors to them. I ended up cutting them to shorts and cutting up the sides to insert these sheer pieces. When I tried them on they had a sort of riding pant vibe, well at least in the mirror. I kind of like them but I'm not sure how they appear to the public eye. Maybe I could remove this and just sew in a straight piece of fabric at the sides to add a bit of room?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"You would jump in front of a bus to save a sparkle"

Daily beauty routine: throw hair in pony tail, run straightener through said pony tail just a few times, straighten bangs fully, take hair out of pony tail, apply a little powder around my eyes, black Rimmel mascara, Mac cream blush applied with brush and blended with palm, and done. So what I'm saying is I'm not much of a make-up person. The most I do really is put on some of my discontinued Adorable by Rimmel lipstick in the cute pink tube that I had to stock up on via Ebay.

Partially out of boredom and partially out of my undying love for glitter, I was inspired by a photo I found randomly on Google images to play with my make-up a bit. I didn't go anywhere with my make-up like this but I would like to. I did have to buy some pink eyeshadow for this. I wish I had invested a few more dollars in the L'Oreal Hip, which would have been a more pronounced color, instead of buying the Cover Girl shade.

The Inspiration from I don't know where. Sorry.:

My rendition plus the dress up and self photography that came along with it:

makeup: eyes- Cover Girl Knock Out Pink, Wet and Wild silver powder, Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender mascara, glitter bought at Pearl Art Supplies going out of business sale( :( ), Cheeks- MAC cream blush in Posey, Lips- Cover Girl lip stain in Bit of Blossom. 
Outfit: top- Twelve by Twelve F21, robe thing- thrifted Victoria's Secret, Sequin shorts- F21, tights- self ribbed Juicy Couture, wedges- Via Spiga, belt-thrifted, headband- H&M.