Friday, May 28, 2010

I rock the cowgirl blues.

Yes, my title is Motion City Soundtrack lyrics. Which is only somewhat embarrassing. I am not sure what triggered my urge for some cowboy inspired get-up yesterday but alas, it was a bit of fun. These high heel cowboy boots have been in my closet for ages and have been worn maybe once before. I think it was when I spotted my boyfriends "Don't mess with Texas" that the whole look came into my mind. I've never been to Texas before and I can't imagine I would love it but oh well. These jean have become sort of my live in jeans which is weird for me to say about any jeans. They are a little too big on my waist, inconvenient because I don't really own belts that fit at my hips. I wore this yesterday to work on stuff in the library, gallop off for pizza with Sabrina, and then to close at work.
Sorry the pictures aren't so great. I have a really nice camera that I really need to learn how to use.

Outfit: tank, boots, scarf-thrift, jeans, necklace, rings-F21, belt-boyfriends

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