Monday, October 24, 2011


I am constantly collecting imagery that inspires me. I usually save inspiration as I troll through blogs on my phone. All the information gets lost, but I'm left with pictures at my fingertips which I can scroll through in the morning on lackluster days when my imagination isn't feeling entirely up to the challenge of dressing. Typically I just take some element or concept from the photos to get my mind moving, but sometimes I take things more literally. This is that kind of  situation.

 Been waring my Doc Martens quite constantly and the wind keeps trying to steal my hat.

plaid dress, t-shirt, and socks- really not sure, cardigan- H&M, necklace and hat- F21, boots- Doc Martens.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bittersweet little romper

Tee Hee. Just having Photoshop fun because I did not actually accomplish any worthwhile self portraits of this outfit.  I was oh so excited when I saw this little blue velvet romper hanging in Forever 21. I decided today to wear it a little grunged up with my trusty flannel and Docs. The bittersweet part I mentioned in this title? My sweet little romper nearly ripped to pieces while taking these photos. The fabric and seams tore all up the crotch and a hole in the bum. Not to mention the rip that occurred in the side seem within the first 2 hours of work today. Quite a disappointing turn of events. Now I know Forever 21 is not synonymous with quality, but really? I purchased this yesterday. How embarrassing if one were to wear this out to a party and have this happen.
 Picture from the site....
my rips......

ohhhh well