Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schools out for the summer. Not forever.

Every time I start to write something distracts me, the window gets closed and I'm gone making me pretty bad at this blog thing. But now am taking a summer off which means three and a half months with no homework, tests, or projects. Its really a number of personal events that touched me in the past year that make me need some time off. I was burnt out and now working right so today it is the start of my summer off, well from school not work.
I thought to get in the swing of things I would share the outfits of my last week at school. You know, I wish we were like the British and called it uni. Not that I even go to a university but still we just call it class.
This is what I wore on Monday to a 10 Am business writing class with the lovely Stefani Bay. Then I would have had intro to college chemistry, which I wouldn't even call intro to 1st grade science, but we finished up finals and projects last week. Next was Retail Buying, and finally Apparel Evaluation. Out of there by 9pm. Observe how tired I look after 11 hours there... (those gloves were not really worn all day.)

This is Yesterday, Wednesday, basically the same thing except more finals. I think I did pretty well! 97% on buyers journal that took up my entire life this quarter.