Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passover/ 21st birthday

Just another day in the mitten. It's rather nice to be here with out the worries of school and work. I had a birthday lunch with JJ and ordered a legal glass of wine. And passover dinner for my birthday dinner with my family and close family friends. Again just another what I wore outfit! I should be drunk... but I'm not...

stripe tee- Free People, bralette- Forever21, dress- Ben Sherman, tights- H&M, shoes- Alice & Olivia for Payless, earings- my own design

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a day spent in the old mitten. I woke up at my sisters brand new apartment in Detroit, got myself ready, and jumped into my other sisters car and drove to the burbs. First I searched for a Dunkin Doughnuts. Its tricky here they aren't on every corner as in Chicago. Starbucks you can find easy. I then had to get my sisters car an oil change for our drive to NYC, picked up my sister from work and did a Target run. Who spends $40 on clothing at target in Michigan when they are going to New York in two days. ME. First I looked at the Liberty of London clothing in front and was didn't find it too interesting. Continued back to see what was left of the Jean Paul Gaultier. This mustard halter dress hung there, the last one and my size, it looked wondrous on but I couldn't justify the $60 price tag.

Luckily as I continued through the store I came across the Liberty for London lingerie here I wanted to wear everything. I ended up with a yellow sheer chiffon romper, and a fuchsia chiffon wrap around top. When I got to my parents house I ended up trying them on together and wore them for the rest of the day. I guess I can get on board the mixed floral trend now.
Almost forgot to mention the best thing.. look down at the shoes. An early birthday present from my lovely  boyfriend  as I won't be able to be with him on my birthday tomorrow because he isn't on this trip with me.
Melissa by Vivienne Westwood 'Lady Dragon' shoes! I don't think a pair of shoes has ever made me so giddy. They are kind of a perfect replacement for the Kate Spade jelly heels I used to love until they broke. I slip them on and it's instant happiness.

My sister did a good job as my stand in photographer. It's usually the job of my boyfriend or the arm of my couch, my camera on timer, and my boyfriends DS to hold the lens up straight.

outfit 1: sequin dress- Free People, red sheer top- Tommy Hilfiger, Shredded top- diy from thrifted Calvin Kline sweater, headband,leggings, and skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Melissa by Vivienne Westwood, 

outfit two: same leggings, shoes, and headband, top and romper- Liberty of London for Target.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

where have I been?

Final hell is finally over. One 15 page essay, one press kit, one informational interview, two business management projects, bunches of cover letters and resume tweaks, four presentations, and two final tests and I'm back to the... internet. I've been torturing myself to do all that, work my job, and eat and sleep for the past couple weeks but now I have a bit of me time, with unfortunately little to say and little to show. Well now I have its spring break. Just a itty bitty week until I head back for a new eleven week round of mind paining work. On the phone with my best friend this evening I found myself wishing for our carefree junior year of high school when we played a lot of laser tag, hung out with boys, and drove around in cars.

I guess besides all that junk no one needed to know, this is a what I wore today post. All I did today was work so I'm not saying its anything spectacular. I just woke up thinking I needed to wear the bunch of rings I bought at work yesterday and that the best way to do it would be with a 60's almost too short mini-dress. And no I did not wear these shoes to stand around on my feet all day. I wore my Harley Davidson boots but these seemed more bloggy.  This would be one of my favorite vintage dresses courtesy of Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Oh yes, and I will be traveling via Mega Bus from Chicago to Detroit on Monday and then via Ford Focus from Detroit to New York City on Thursday, then by PLANE  (my first time in the air!) from New York City to Chicago on Sunday.

dress- vintage, tights- H&M, shoes- Firever21, rings- Forever 21

Just a tune that's playing in my head for you... Feist "Secret Heart"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Dressed Up

While working on my press kit for my PR class on my imaginary global vintage styling service, All Dressed Up, I stumbled upon the Website of an already existing All Dressed Up Brand. The label seems to be a successful one, with stockist all over the world, alas I have never heard of it. The site was immediately intriguing with a bit of whimsy with a floating dandelion (petal?) and my weakness for Courier New font. Married couple Lionel Leo and Tina Ten Leo created the line. Tina explains her passion for fashion by saying "I was all dressed up at six!" hence the name of the brand. All Dressed Up began with flagship stores in Singapore and has since sold the like to stockists all over the world. The line has touches of simplicity with emphasis on intriguing yet subtle shapes all in to-die-for color palettes.
All images from

Thursday, March 11, 2010

wishing for rain

Ever since I purchased this lovely floral raincoat I have been awaiting some non freezing rain. First had to come the non freezing part which I'm not convinced is gone for good. Its been lovely and 55 degrees 'round here all week. Yesterday morning I heard the rain as I woke up and jumped from bed happily. I readied myself for work and slippd into that sweet raincoat then I looked at It said showers until 8am then clear the rest of the day... it was 8:30. I sourly removed the raincoat and stomped off to work. Tonight before heading downtown for a movie with a friend I looked at the weather once more. Showers at 6pm and 9pm. Into the raincoat once more I went. On the way to the train-nothing. on the way to the theater-nothing. Walking out of the movie...again nothing. I got off the train and began to walk my way home and there it came. The rain hit against my raincoat making a wonderful little sound and a smile spread across my face. If you wish enough you can have rain.

Raincoat-Forever21 Heritage, hoodie-unknown, tee-Free People, sip dress, Urban Outfitters, tights-self ripped Juicy Couture, shoes-Forever 21, bunny ring-Forever21, headband-vintage.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I wear my heart...on my toes

thats all I have to say at the molment.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunny boobs please

Just about the only fun part of Friday's field trip to Von Maur headquarters was catching up with my good friend Gini on the bus, oh and another friend's widspread rumor that we left 5 students at the rest stop which got all the way back to our program diector. Anyway as Gini and I chatted she recomended this online shop, New York Couture. Because of my never ending facination with everything cute I find the line is amazing. Most pieces are limited or one of a kind. They have a crafty feel but don't look like they could be made by  just anyone. There is a lot of animal motifs and tulle party wear. New York Couture is a mix of kawaii, punk, and glam fit for a girl full of energy. Gini is after the kitty bikini set and I have my heart set on the bunny. If we both somehow fail to land internships in our desired locations this summer then we will be forced to lay in utter cuteness in the sand of the Chicago beaches.
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