Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Dressed Up

While working on my press kit for my PR class on my imaginary global vintage styling service, All Dressed Up, I stumbled upon the Website of an already existing All Dressed Up Brand. The label seems to be a successful one, with stockist all over the world, alas I have never heard of it. The site was immediately intriguing with a bit of whimsy with a floating dandelion (petal?) and my weakness for Courier New font. Married couple Lionel Leo and Tina Ten Leo created the line. Tina explains her passion for fashion by saying "I was all dressed up at six!" hence the name of the brand. All Dressed Up began with flagship stores in Singapore and has since sold the like to stockists all over the world. The line has touches of simplicity with emphasis on intriguing yet subtle shapes all in to-die-for color palettes.
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  1. Top left dress, third down multi color skirt--ba bump ba bump ba bump--I love it!


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