Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunny boobs please

Just about the only fun part of Friday's field trip to Von Maur headquarters was catching up with my good friend Gini on the bus, oh and another friend's widspread rumor that we left 5 students at the rest stop which got all the way back to our program diector. Anyway as Gini and I chatted she recomended this online shop, New York Couture. Because of my never ending facination with everything cute I find the line is amazing. Most pieces are limited or one of a kind. They have a crafty feel but don't look like they could be made by  just anyone. There is a lot of animal motifs and tulle party wear. New York Couture is a mix of kawaii, punk, and glam fit for a girl full of energy. Gini is after the kitty bikini set and I have my heart set on the bunny. If we both somehow fail to land internships in our desired locations this summer then we will be forced to lay in utter cuteness in the sand of the Chicago beaches.
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