Thursday, March 11, 2010

wishing for rain

Ever since I purchased this lovely floral raincoat I have been awaiting some non freezing rain. First had to come the non freezing part which I'm not convinced is gone for good. Its been lovely and 55 degrees 'round here all week. Yesterday morning I heard the rain as I woke up and jumped from bed happily. I readied myself for work and slippd into that sweet raincoat then I looked at It said showers until 8am then clear the rest of the day... it was 8:30. I sourly removed the raincoat and stomped off to work. Tonight before heading downtown for a movie with a friend I looked at the weather once more. Showers at 6pm and 9pm. Into the raincoat once more I went. On the way to the train-nothing. on the way to the theater-nothing. Walking out of the movie...again nothing. I got off the train and began to walk my way home and there it came. The rain hit against my raincoat making a wonderful little sound and a smile spread across my face. If you wish enough you can have rain.

Raincoat-Forever21 Heritage, hoodie-unknown, tee-Free People, sip dress, Urban Outfitters, tights-self ripped Juicy Couture, shoes-Forever 21, bunny ring-Forever21, headband-vintage.

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