Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a day spent in the old mitten. I woke up at my sisters brand new apartment in Detroit, got myself ready, and jumped into my other sisters car and drove to the burbs. First I searched for a Dunkin Doughnuts. Its tricky here they aren't on every corner as in Chicago. Starbucks you can find easy. I then had to get my sisters car an oil change for our drive to NYC, picked up my sister from work and did a Target run. Who spends $40 on clothing at target in Michigan when they are going to New York in two days. ME. First I looked at the Liberty of London clothing in front and was didn't find it too interesting. Continued back to see what was left of the Jean Paul Gaultier. This mustard halter dress hung there, the last one and my size, it looked wondrous on but I couldn't justify the $60 price tag.

Luckily as I continued through the store I came across the Liberty for London lingerie here I wanted to wear everything. I ended up with a yellow sheer chiffon romper, and a fuchsia chiffon wrap around top. When I got to my parents house I ended up trying them on together and wore them for the rest of the day. I guess I can get on board the mixed floral trend now.
Almost forgot to mention the best thing.. look down at the shoes. An early birthday present from my lovely  boyfriend  as I won't be able to be with him on my birthday tomorrow because he isn't on this trip with me.
Melissa by Vivienne Westwood 'Lady Dragon' shoes! I don't think a pair of shoes has ever made me so giddy. They are kind of a perfect replacement for the Kate Spade jelly heels I used to love until they broke. I slip them on and it's instant happiness.

My sister did a good job as my stand in photographer. It's usually the job of my boyfriend or the arm of my couch, my camera on timer, and my boyfriends DS to hold the lens up straight.

outfit 1: sequin dress- Free People, red sheer top- Tommy Hilfiger, Shredded top- diy from thrifted Calvin Kline sweater, headband,leggings, and skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Melissa by Vivienne Westwood, 

outfit two: same leggings, shoes, and headband, top and romper- Liberty of London for Target.


  1. I love lavender and red together and your ears are so cute!!

  2. thanks! I was so excited when I saw them m plus they can be shaped into any sort of bow or wierdness


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