Saturday, March 27, 2010

where have I been?

Final hell is finally over. One 15 page essay, one press kit, one informational interview, two business management projects, bunches of cover letters and resume tweaks, four presentations, and two final tests and I'm back to the... internet. I've been torturing myself to do all that, work my job, and eat and sleep for the past couple weeks but now I have a bit of me time, with unfortunately little to say and little to show. Well now I have its spring break. Just a itty bitty week until I head back for a new eleven week round of mind paining work. On the phone with my best friend this evening I found myself wishing for our carefree junior year of high school when we played a lot of laser tag, hung out with boys, and drove around in cars.

I guess besides all that junk no one needed to know, this is a what I wore today post. All I did today was work so I'm not saying its anything spectacular. I just woke up thinking I needed to wear the bunch of rings I bought at work yesterday and that the best way to do it would be with a 60's almost too short mini-dress. And no I did not wear these shoes to stand around on my feet all day. I wore my Harley Davidson boots but these seemed more bloggy.  This would be one of my favorite vintage dresses courtesy of Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Oh yes, and I will be traveling via Mega Bus from Chicago to Detroit on Monday and then via Ford Focus from Detroit to New York City on Thursday, then by PLANE  (my first time in the air!) from New York City to Chicago on Sunday.

dress- vintage, tights- H&M, shoes- Firever21, rings- Forever 21

Just a tune that's playing in my head for you... Feist "Secret Heart"

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