Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hiding in the ...tree?

I was being photographed for this blog and then I guess I got scared and hid behind this tree?

A day off outfit. No work or class today (it's fall break.) The future of my day incudes a bit of lone shopping, a haircut, and packing for New York. hmmmm.

dress-thrifted French Connection, tee and socks- Target, shoes- Jessica Simpson.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dally in the Alley

Over the weekend I Mega Bused it to Detroit for the 33rd annual Dally in the Alley. Dally in the Alley is a music festival in Detroit's Cass Corridor neighborhood. The Alley fills with music, art, fashion, and food as people come to celebrate the history of the neighborhood and the culture that has thrived there. The large, non corporate sponsored event is meant to support the neighborhood in which it occurs. Dally is an event that I have attended quite possible every year of my little life and that is now co-chaired by my committed older sister Cass. This year the unthinkable happened. Awaking to a beautiful morning, the Dalliers began to set up their festival with high hopes despite the weather forecast of rain. As the alley populated with music, vendors, and visitors the promised showers commenced. Tarps covered clothing racks and umbrellas disguised the crowds. The Alley looked thinner than ever as the rain fell densely throughout the better part of the daylight hours. Our party darted out in the rain to enjoy the Dally on occasion but often sought the cover of my sisters balcony overlooking the festival. As the evening wore on the rain ceased and the dedicated dilly dalliers came out to drink beer, socialize, and soak in the sounds. The alley filled and things seemed much more successful. Although the night ended on a good note there was still beer to be sold, money to be raised, and vendors a bit disappointed by the downpour. The exhausted Dally volunteers debated, but on Sunday the first ever Dally day two was a go. The sun shown and the alley refilled with happy and familiar faces.

This photo summarizes the first day of Dally pretty well.

And the second....
With primarily vintage and handmade vendors, Dally has always been a fun place to pick up bits for my fall wardrobe. We have always enjoyed shopping with Detroit Dolly as she opened local shops and set up at favorite fests so it was nice to chat with her and pick up a hand dyed corset, lovely pale blue slip, fur hat, and Victorian inspired top. Check out her etsy shop. Also found a mini sweater dress, ring/bracelet, and a cool crown pendent from various vendors.