Monday, February 28, 2011

sunday lovely sunday

I must be off to work in just a miniute so this will be short and sweet. I had a nice simple weekend. On Sunday it was brunch with my roommates, homework, and off to a little meeting for my internship. Once home I cooked myself a yummy pasta and watched my favorite movie, The Science of Sleep, while sewing shag carpet trim on to a resale dress. I bought this sheer dress, tunic deal the other day at a resale shop in east village while running errands. I liked the way it layered over my planetary slip, and I have been living in these new boots. I haven't worn heels in ages.

dress, slip- thrift, boots- used from Beacons Closet, gold necklace-vintage, skull necklace-by me, sweater- Cecilia Prado

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yellow door

In my Brooklyn room, with a yellow door I stand as a temporary Brooklyn girl. I have relocated for a total6 week period to a neat Brooklyn apartment populated by lovely ladies. A quicker commute to work and a laid back, as well as delicious, atmosphere has been welcoming. This is my blah, blah, blog which simply says " I wore this today." Dressed in all this weekends Beacons Closet haul  along with old favorites.

shoes, necklace, dress- used from Beacons closet, leggings-F21, blazer- vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, socks- Anthropologie

Saturday, February 12, 2011

no creepin'

I think to often about things I saw at thrift stores and once and didn't buy. It is too silly but I hear myself saying "$3 you couldn't pay a measly $3 for that amazingly amazing skirt!!!??" Really, I should just let it go. There will be others. But I present you with another regret. Once while thrifting with my favorite thrift partner, Chelsea, I picked up a pair of black leather creepers with a wood sole. I remember the trip so specifically because it was a good one, plus it was documented on the old style diary. I don't think I even knew what creepers were at the time, but these shoes were just so weird and different that I needed them in my life. Creepers purchased. I never knew how to wear them, so I didn't. Went off to college, did not bring them with me. I have no recollection of getting rid of them just leaving them home. Nonetheless the shoes are gone, and I must get past this. Every once in a while the cross the mind and I head to my old style diary to bask in their glory.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

losing my style

Every day I find it more and more a challenge to dress myself. One day last week I was in a panic scanning my closet for something to cover myself. I tried an outfit that consisted of a silky printed romper, tights, and some cardigan. The clash and combo of the colors and shapes was horrendous. I was in such a rush by this time that my new outfit, a default of a sequin slip with a sheer tank, and a cardi, was simply put on over my existing outfit. Cue awkward restroom maneuvers for the entire day.
I feel almost as if I am losing track of my personal style, like I can't even remember how I like to dress. I don't want to put the blame where my heart is, but I feel that my blog obsession has something to do with this. I am so constantly looking at how other stylish women are dressed that I just start to imitate without even realizing it. I'll look at what I have just put on and I can blatently see the inspiration. This look is so fashiontoast and that one is so Style Bubble (by the way I met Susie this evening which was quite nice besides my being exceedingly awkward.)
Today I really tried to get back to my roots with my ways of layering and such. The thing is, I have never had a single definable style. I bounce from one inspiration to another, while at least attempting to add my own thing. I don't know, my personal style managed to get me voted best style  in high school, but I think mostly people thought "who's that girl who likes weird clothes and always looks like a disheveled mess in heels? Minette? Oh, okay sure why not."
Anyway.... I guess my favorite part of this outfit was trying to figure out how to attach this vintage necklace to my show, because that is one kind of thing I used  to do a lot more of.

Outfit: Sweater, necklace, necklace around ankle-vintage, blouse- Isabella Rodriguez, shorts-H&M, tights-Hue, shoes- Nine West, socks-F21

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift This, Snag That

On weekends I have been taking the train into the city to explore neighborhoods. I've been heading into hoods where I remember visiting shops during previous New York visits. On Saturday, despite cold, cold rain, I ventured to Brooklyn Heights. I like to look up a few places I would like to go and get some walking directions from place to place to guide my journey. I wanted to go back to Housing Works thrift shop where I bought a great sheer Marc Jacobs skirt last time I was in town. I didn't find anything this time around, so I headed to Salvation Army, stopping in a couple boutiques on the way. It was nice to get back into a straight up thrift store as it has been a while. I bought two skirts and a sweater (mostly just because I was cold.)

Today I wore one of these skirts. It is made of this really great velvety, furry material, high waisted, buttons up the front. When I saw it, I kinda thought of Stevie over at Discotheque Confusion. The skirts seems like a nice quality, has a good lining and a fashion-y tag so I had to look up the label. Well, the internet gives hints that there is or was such a designer as William Beranek. An LA Times article from 1994 that quotes him as saying, "I design both my men's and women's collections for people who are a bit adventurous in their look. Hopefully, my designs are elegant and don't knock you over the head." That's about it though. So, to celebrate this seemingly disappeared 90's designer I wanted to wear it with a bit of a 90's vibe. Also, a sneak peak into a magazine I picked up at The Magazine Cafe after internship.

outfit: skirt- Thrifted William Beranek, lace top-F21, top- thrifted Moschino Jeans, shoes-MIA, earrings-vintage (gift from dear sister)

Friday, February 4, 2011

no photo state

since I have been in Jersey and New York I haven't been able to get one good outfit shot in. As hard as I try they just turn out all wrong. I guess I haven't been to inspired by anything else to post recently either. I can make excuses but really all it is, is that this blog is going down hill before it ever even went uphill.
Here is what I wore to my internship today. Laid out on the floor. I know, you are ecstatic.

slip and bracelets-vintage, maxi skirt- F21, bird jacket, shoes, and necklace-H&M