Wednesday, February 9, 2011

losing my style

Every day I find it more and more a challenge to dress myself. One day last week I was in a panic scanning my closet for something to cover myself. I tried an outfit that consisted of a silky printed romper, tights, and some cardigan. The clash and combo of the colors and shapes was horrendous. I was in such a rush by this time that my new outfit, a default of a sequin slip with a sheer tank, and a cardi, was simply put on over my existing outfit. Cue awkward restroom maneuvers for the entire day.
I feel almost as if I am losing track of my personal style, like I can't even remember how I like to dress. I don't want to put the blame where my heart is, but I feel that my blog obsession has something to do with this. I am so constantly looking at how other stylish women are dressed that I just start to imitate without even realizing it. I'll look at what I have just put on and I can blatently see the inspiration. This look is so fashiontoast and that one is so Style Bubble (by the way I met Susie this evening which was quite nice besides my being exceedingly awkward.)
Today I really tried to get back to my roots with my ways of layering and such. The thing is, I have never had a single definable style. I bounce from one inspiration to another, while at least attempting to add my own thing. I don't know, my personal style managed to get me voted best style  in high school, but I think mostly people thought "who's that girl who likes weird clothes and always looks like a disheveled mess in heels? Minette? Oh, okay sure why not."
Anyway.... I guess my favorite part of this outfit was trying to figure out how to attach this vintage necklace to my show, because that is one kind of thing I used  to do a lot more of.

Outfit: Sweater, necklace, necklace around ankle-vintage, blouse- Isabella Rodriguez, shorts-H&M, tights-Hue, shoes- Nine West, socks-F21

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  1. any time I mentioned you they'd say "oh yeah minette, that girl wears the coolest outfits"


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