Saturday, February 12, 2011

no creepin'

I think to often about things I saw at thrift stores and once and didn't buy. It is too silly but I hear myself saying "$3 you couldn't pay a measly $3 for that amazingly amazing skirt!!!??" Really, I should just let it go. There will be others. But I present you with another regret. Once while thrifting with my favorite thrift partner, Chelsea, I picked up a pair of black leather creepers with a wood sole. I remember the trip so specifically because it was a good one, plus it was documented on the old style diary. I don't think I even knew what creepers were at the time, but these shoes were just so weird and different that I needed them in my life. Creepers purchased. I never knew how to wear them, so I didn't. Went off to college, did not bring them with me. I have no recollection of getting rid of them just leaving them home. Nonetheless the shoes are gone, and I must get past this. Every once in a while the cross the mind and I head to my old style diary to bask in their glory.

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