Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift This, Snag That

On weekends I have been taking the train into the city to explore neighborhoods. I've been heading into hoods where I remember visiting shops during previous New York visits. On Saturday, despite cold, cold rain, I ventured to Brooklyn Heights. I like to look up a few places I would like to go and get some walking directions from place to place to guide my journey. I wanted to go back to Housing Works thrift shop where I bought a great sheer Marc Jacobs skirt last time I was in town. I didn't find anything this time around, so I headed to Salvation Army, stopping in a couple boutiques on the way. It was nice to get back into a straight up thrift store as it has been a while. I bought two skirts and a sweater (mostly just because I was cold.)

Today I wore one of these skirts. It is made of this really great velvety, furry material, high waisted, buttons up the front. When I saw it, I kinda thought of Stevie over at Discotheque Confusion. The skirts seems like a nice quality, has a good lining and a fashion-y tag so I had to look up the label. Well, the internet gives hints that there is or was such a designer as William Beranek. An LA Times article from 1994 that quotes him as saying, "I design both my men's and women's collections for people who are a bit adventurous in their look. Hopefully, my designs are elegant and don't knock you over the head." That's about it though. So, to celebrate this seemingly disappeared 90's designer I wanted to wear it with a bit of a 90's vibe. Also, a sneak peak into a magazine I picked up at The Magazine Cafe after internship.

outfit: skirt- Thrifted William Beranek, lace top-F21, top- thrifted Moschino Jeans, shoes-MIA, earrings-vintage (gift from dear sister)

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