Friday, May 14, 2010

Ugly Pictures

I really hate when you think you look good all day but then you take  a picture and in the picture what you thought looked cool looks plain terrible. That's how I felt today. In the mirror I liked it, in the pictures not so much. But I guess I will share them anyway. Yesterday I made an all too regular trip to Salvation Army. I picked up these metallic copper leather pants that I hoped to cut into shorts. They really looked as if they would fit, but I got them home and could not zip them up. Oh well I thought and I took the scissors to them. I ended up cutting them to shorts and cutting up the sides to insert these sheer pieces. When I tried them on they had a sort of riding pant vibe, well at least in the mirror. I kind of like them but I'm not sure how they appear to the public eye. Maybe I could remove this and just sew in a straight piece of fabric at the sides to add a bit of room?

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  1. Oh, I hate it when that happens! Makes me think of Clueless and how Cher would take polaroids of her outfits because she didn't trust mirrors, lol.. :)


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