Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today Michael and I visited Randolph Street Market to take a gander at some odds and ends. Randolph Street Market is a seasonal antique flea market that sets up in and outside Plumbers Hall in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. There are lots off  cool treasures to browse from furniture, artwork, odds and ends, vintage clothing, and jewelry. Today I just picked up a wood carved ring and a simple reconstructed pink tulle skirt. Michael got a mini organ instrument to try to incorporate into his music and some strange but cool glasses.

Every time I have been this artwork has been there. paintings on glass of old windows. The images and the concept are really neat.

Outfit-jumpsuit, belt- thrift, headband- F21, shoes-Sonia Riekel for H&M

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  1. Fine imagery here...I can see the goods clearly, the artfully chosen images; you capture a randomly staged view of artifacts. I wish I had gone. Flea markets abound, flea markets with their characters, the aging hippies bending your ear for a silly punny joke--hah! made you laugh or chortle or gasp, blending into the din of the marketplace, a happy place with the happy finger tapping of a texting boy and and his stately satin suited friend. Thank you, msoleil!


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