Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the sheer thuth

Like many these days, it seems I'm surely stuck on sheers. Sheer layers over nice prints are a favorite. I've been drawn to lot of sheer robes and such to throw over any outfit but had been hankering for a sheer pair of legs. So when I saw these pants while wondering the web I quieted my qualms with the American Apparel brand. Who would have thought all it would take was a pair of navy sheer trousers to make me sulk into one of the too many local locations. The last time this happened was with my shiny pink backpack. (Which is not doing so well with the weight of college lately. Damn advertising text book and 12 hour school days.)

Today I wore them with floral and a necklace I made a while back from some collected bits and bobs.

and just yesterday I threw them on with hearts and monochromatic navy-ness.

Sinsheerly yours,

Outfit 1: skirt as top-F21, random bike shorts, pants- American Apparel, shoes- Juicy Couture, necklace-own design, rings- F21
Outfit 2: top-F21, shoes - H&M, belt and necklaces- vintage

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