Monday, March 5, 2012


I feel like I am neglecting this blog. I have been trying to post something to tumbler daily, but even there the content is lackluster. I am workingovernights all week at work for floorset so unless you want to see me sleeping or wearing loungy clothes there is no point or time for outfit posts this week. But I don't want to leave this thing totaly in the dead zone. So, tonights blog topic is my all time favorite Skins character..... CASSIE.

Loved her flighty, dramatic, oddly deep, and sinister character and how it contrasted against her quirky outfits, Alwasy in a perfect mismatch of clothing items. I fell for her childish details of colorful socks, animal prints, little skate board handing from her blazer, and that green water gun. And I am obsessed with the lizard necklace as well. But I think my favorite cassie moment was when she moke up after the foodfight party and so nonchalantly slipped into that cold beaded 60's dress with layerd socks and glitter brouges... amazing.


  1. always loved cassie and effy. apparently hannah murray used most of her clothes own for cassie! - ck

  2. I'm discovering your blog! I love it!


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