Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jesca Hoop

I've been listening to Jesca Hoop kind of non stop lately. I'm not very good at describing music so I can't lyrically explain her sound, or really tell you why I enjoy her music. Her voice is kind of haunting? Her lyrics are clever? moving? her music is melodic? beautiful? I guess I could just say take a listen... This I would not say is my favorite song from the album I have been absorbing but I figured it would be more entertaining if I showed you one with a music video. Fashion has become and I guess always has been so linked to musical artists. Female musicians allways have such a distinct style. Like how this video could almost serve as a fashion mood video. I love the shoulders of the jacket at the beginning as well as those feather ear pieces Anyway enough.

this actually IS my favorite song from the album....

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