Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bunny head

Durring my short summer break I have meant to be really productive. I have crafty projects on the mind and cover letters for internships to write. The reality is that when I have a day off from work I sleep till one, drink coffee, mess around on the computer, and maybe hit up a thrift store. That pretty much summarizes my day today. I did so in my new Free People sweatshirt dress. I like Free People because although the brand has such a specific aesthetic  its fun to put your own style into.  The bunnies are the scarf in my hair. I need to count the number of rabbit related clothing and accessories I own because it is probably ridiculous. Also I just finished reading and then watching Lolita so my sunglasses seemed fitting. I was really expecting heart shaped glasses to be mentioned in the book or seen in the movie but they are only on the cover of the movie.

Credit to Liz and Pat's couch which I blogged all over.

outfit: dress- Free People, Shoes- Alice and Olivia for Payless, scarf and necklaces, vintage.

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  1. what a cute dress! the sunnies just totally make the look.


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