Sunday, June 20, 2010

product d

During the past quarter I worked on a group project that I am pretty proud of. For my product development class, my group had to create prototypes for the jewelry brand Sequin. We chose to create a private line for Urban Outfitters called Lace by Sequin. We were inspired by lingerie and vintage bits and bobs. I designed three pieces which my group and I crafted from fabric, chains, and vintage brooches. We built a book including imagery, inspiration, color, trends, marketing plans, and product specifications. I wanted to show off some of the results here. I'm posing the inspiration board, product drawings, and photographs of the finished product. My group members talked me into modeling the pieces in the photographs that we showed in our final presentation. Embarrassing, but as it was pointed out I don't seem to have any shame about showing the world pictures of myself. Hence this here blog. Please excuse the drawing I am a marketing student and never claimed to be an artist.
board and drawings and 3rd photo by me, other photos taken by Alice.

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