Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC looks

After my three day stint in Detroit, I drove 11 hours to New Jersey/ New York City with my 2 older sisters and my mom. At around 3 am we arrived to my Aunt and Uncles' cozy New Jersey apartment. The next day we traveled into the city where my sisters and I stayed with my oldest sisters oldest friend. It was a fine weekend full of Brooklyn streets, wine, second hand shops, modern art, and lots of delish foodies. My favorite shops included designer consignment at Tokio 7 in East Village and the huge Beacons Closet in Williamsburg.  There will be somewhat more elaboration on the subject in my next post which should cover what I bought. For now its the standard what was worn while hopping around NYC for a couple of days. Heels may have been swapped for flats at some point I will not lie.
outfit 1: stripe top- Free People, both skirts, leather bustier, belt, sunnies- thrifted, rings- Forever 21 and own design, shoes- Converse.
outfit 2: top, white skirt, belts-thrifted, pink skirt- Free People, socks- Betsey Johnson, shoes- Melissa Vivienne Westwood.
outfit 3: tee-Old Navy, jacket-vintage, skirt- Undercover Co. ,Ltd, leggings- Forever 21, shoes- Alice & Olivia for Payless, necklace- H&M.


  1. giiiiiiirrrrl, i really like your use of sheer over patterns lately, and i appreciated your mix of florals (kimono+skirt+mj flats) for lost yesterday. i notice your life of fashion?

    get ready for my post of a gajillion photos. im really sorry.

  2. haha thankkks. I had a real good sheer, patten layer yesterday. I can't wait for your post


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