Tuesday, November 24, 2009

While in Detroit over the weekend, after a delish black bean burger at Honest Johns, I visited the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art) to see the Avedon exhibit.  The show traveled through his career from the 1944-2000. What really fascinated me was a fashion photographers work being seen truly as art. And I couldn't help but think that very little of what we see in magazines today is likely to be seen hanging in an art museum 50 years from now. A magazine gets cut apart and thrown away and the images, once looked at tend to fade away in our memory. These images are memorable and they are beautiful. The poses and the settings feel natural and real where as today's editorials though often eye catching seem so contrived. It's not only the photography, these models have a kind of talent I don't think we see so much. They seems so smart and so real and they know how to be natural, they know how to pose. Take Dovima, a dancer, and she uses that talent in pictures. A model that particuraly intrigued me is Penelope Tree. The 6th image is of her. My mom said that when she saw this image hanging at the museum she deeply recognized it and thought she must have ripped it out of a magazine and posted it on her wall when she was young.

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