Wednesday, January 5, 2011

home sweet dreams

Whilst perusing Etsy's vintage section with the keyword "shearling," I came across the most tremendous chair I have ever laid eyes on. As a sucker for Lucite AND fur/shearling it just went straight to my heart.
This got me thinking what would I furnish a room with using this chair as a jumping off point? So, I did some browsing and let my imagination roam. I have very eclectic style which one would know with a peak into my apartment or a browse through my closet. When it comes to decor, I can't imagine sticking to a solid theme. I began to picture a 60's, Victorian, modern mash up of a living room.

A pure white Victorian couch would stand as a center piece.

A sparkling silver bench would add a glamorous, rocking touch.

Feathered  pillows thrown about the couch.

A mod coffee table. 
A quirky rug would add personality.

I'm have a bit of a globe love, there are currently three on a shelve in my apartment....

 Also I have an unabashed love of wallpaper and imagine that if I one day own a home it will have a sickening amount of busy coverings.

 The walls would be decorated with intriguing artist prints.

Brett Manning


 Shanon Playford

Mariann Johansen-Ellis

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  1. Ahhh, love that first chair, so fluffffy :D fluffy is always good!


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