Thursday, January 8, 2009

Power Serges and Typewriters

Half the power in our apartment is out. No kitchen, living room or bathroom. I guess the microwave was too much on top of two space heaters and the TV. So, Mindi never got hot tea and we never got to finish watching La Vie En Rose. We have no idea where our fuse box is. Looked all over the apartment, and even in a creepy basement with a million doors. Power Serge.

Wednesday though some wishes came true. In my last post we talked about typewriters. What I didn't share is the fact that there is one I had been looking at for five months. Little sky blue electric typewriter just sitting at the Ark Thrift Store down the street. Every time I would go in there I'd take a look at it and smile but never took it home with me. At work Wednesday all I could think of was that typewriter. After work Mindi and I walked down there. Did some other shopping around. I bought some gloves to turn into cool driving gloves, a Betsy Johnson scarf for $3, some pretty sketchy flowered sheets, and then of course as you should have already guessed... the little blue typewriter. I dropped it on the snowy sidewalk during the walk home, but it works just fine. Little did I know though, someone had plans to buy me a very special typewiter. I ruined that plan I guess and now I will always wonder what the one Michael would have bought me would have been like. My first typewriter note...
On another sad note, I would have more pictures of my purchases but my camera seems to be broken. All the pictures I take are turning out tinted blueish green. It's very disappointing because that camera is one of my most prized possessions and I had been getting really excited about doing some new fashion photo shoots.

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