Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In past Februarys

I'm a little fool for love in fashion. Whimsy and Romance really get me. I should pick up this months Teen Vogue as they tend to really capture that whimsy in their February issues but honestly, I'm still caught up on last years. These pictures from the February 2008 Teen Vogue keep popping up in my memory so I fished the issue out of the stack on a bookshelf in my bedroom. The styling is awesome and the images are just perfect.
I am in love with the little baby pink bustier dress, the bow tie, the polka dot gloves, the white tights, and most of all the big red heart on her head. It's all cutesy perfection.
I love the yellow and pink, a personal favorite color combo. Love the hiked up dress, the gloves with rings and bracelets over them, and his shoes.

This picture is just adorable and her hat is gorge. Tulle is among my favorite things on earth. So her bright blue petticoat gets my love.
I have this white petticoat and have been desperately seeking the perfect swingy simple skirt to go over it for the past year now because of this photo. It's been a fruitless search.
So the moral of this post: Minette loves love, loves hearts, loves tulle, loves you.
Happy valentines week and happy 6 month to me and the boy!

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