Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Central Saint Martins

Just after finishing that post. I did not type Japanese street style into the yahoo search bar but rather I decided I'd check up just a bit on London Fashion Week. My eyes were drawn to the Central Saint Martins thumbnail ( A man in a structural leather something or other). So, I clicked. To my surprise I found myself in a slide show of 179 looks. The Central Saint Martins is not one designer but a school of fashion design to the line includes student work. There was just so much happening. The collection of student lines showcased so many different designs but some how they all kind of came together.It went all over the place starting with sporty, simple, structural, and drappy looks and then exploding into interesting uses of volume, form, material, and subject. Just before this explosion there was a series of dresses that looked like 4 or 5 dresses pieced together. I was unsure of my feelings about these looks but I feel that they tied the all of the designs together in that they didn't go together. there was strange sexuality, elegance, and some down right quirky (try sheer dresses with cartoonish animals layered over stripes.) I loved how every ones work came together and I didn't see a weak piece in the show.
A few of my favorites follow.

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