Wednesday, February 25, 2009

college in Chicago= the best part of your life you never get to enjoy.

I wanna be a better blogger.
I wanna be a better fashion follower.
Honestly I never have any idea what is going on with designers. Whats new? Who's new?

Going to school in Chicago is the best part of your life... that you never have time to enjoy.
Everything in my life right now is school school school, work, work, work.
In fact as we speak I am supposed to be writing an informative speech. I think I plan on doing my speech on Japanese street fashion. So we will see how that goes.
It's amazing how easy the first half of my college education was and now I am seeing that it's really tough.

In addition to going to school and working I will soon be starting an internship with the online fashion magazine Second City Style. I will be using Photoshop to do photo layouts for the articles and blog. Luckily I can do this from home for the most part, which will be convenient with my busy life.

I am still working on my camera sitch. My dad is seeing what he can do about my broken camera and I am currently borrowing my boyfriends but do not have the cord to upload the pictures. So basically what I'm saying is this is a picture less post.
Better words later.

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