Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fashion Resource Center

Yesterday I visited School of the Art Institute's Fashion Resource Center with some of The Second City Style staff. The Resource Room collects garments donated by designers. The clothing is there for students to touch and study construction. They also have a huge collection of books and magazines including Vogue dating way back. 1940's maybe? Silly me forgot to bring anything to write down just what it was I was seeing. Well I know to some people its no big deal but even just touching these things was amazing to me.

Jean Paul Guiltier corseted dress I thought was just lovely.
Comme des Garcons . This was just beautiful. So detailed. So wonderful. The layers.
Jean Paul Guiltier suit. cool buttons and tassels.
More Comme des Garsons. I 'm a fan of bows, so that bow got me.
...I don't remember but I want it.
Beautiful, But again I don't remember its from 1960 though. Such wonderful detail in the flowers.

Pretty little things from the early 19th century.
what cool shoes from 1908.

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