Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stars, no stripes

Yesterday after work, and after a trip to pick up some yarn for making pom-poms, I stopped by Salvation Army. I wanted to buy a chair but decided against it. I picked up a boring but nicely colored sweater (a light seafoam,) a orange Free People tee shirt, and these Moschino star print jeans. They were a couple sizes too big and not nearly as skinny as I would like them, so I took the waist in and narrowed the legs. This only happened after I attempted a myriad of sewing projects (that all failed). Luckily this worked pretty well.


  1. so cute!!!!! what does your tattoo say???

  2. Its part of a poem The Children's hour by Henry Longfellow its says "I have you fast in my fortress and will not let you depart but put you down in the dungeon in the round tower of my heart".


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