Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kawaii means cute

I'm not sure why even as I hover close to 21 years of age I have an unexplainable love for clothing with ears. Whatever it is I can't get rid of it. I assume as you get to be my age in the states wearing ears on your head that don't belong on a human is NOT okay... but I'm not sure I care. Japanese kawaii street fashion is one of my favorite things. I've also realized designers must look to these creative girls for inspiration. Pom poms were all over Fruits Magazine and next thing you know Diane Von Furstenburg's got a big pom hat.
AsiaJam.com is currently stocking a Korean brand, Sechuna. I can tell you little about the brand except what Asia Jam has to say because Sechuna's website is in Korean.
"South Korean brand, Sechuna, is all about super kawaii cuteness! Popular among teens in Korea, Sechuna's trademark styles include schoolgirl themes, animal ear hoodies, bows, and musical notes. We are now assured that those days of playing dress-up don't have to end. We hereby pledge to never grow up!"
Luckily  the Sechuna site does list its categories in English so I took a look at some adorable and just  plain great pieces. Some with ears, some without. 

 All images from Sechuna.com.

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