Saturday, February 6, 2010

4:30 am is a terrible time of day

I've been pretty absent because life has been quite rough the past week or so. All week I was being trained in our jewelry/accessories department at work which meant being there at 6am everyday that I worked. I was waking up at 4:30 AM four days out of the week, including this lovely Saturday morning. With school also being a major draining factor. I really did not do to good a job keeping up with school during this work schedule. Tuesday I had a five page draft of an essay due... I still haven't written it.

All day at work today I was just thinking about the yummy Pillsbury cinnamon buns my boy and I were planing on having when I got home. (They were so good!)

Yesterday after work I had a sudden urge to go into H&M. I gave into this urge even though just a week ago I promiced myself no shopping for the next two months. EVERYTHING that I had wanted there a few months back but could not afford was on sale. I tried on a ton but ended up with a dress for $10, 2 Sonia Rykiel for h&m bras for $5 each, 3 pair Sonia Rykiel for h&m underwear for $1 each, and a pair of white tights with big read heart prints ( I played with these last night but came up with NOTHING that looked any good. Just to see how the dress looked on I paired it here simply with these awesome vintage heels I got a couple weeks ago at one of my favorite Chicago shops, Night and Day Vintage.

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