Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool for Cats

Just a typical day of trying to get my cat to love me. She is one tough cookie that is for sure.

I had a bit of a casual day today. One of the rare occasions of wearing jeans came about because of waking up at 6:36 am when I was supposed to be at work at 7. I thrifted this shimmering knit sweater yesterday in a bout of thrift therapy. All day at work I had been wandering over to a similar one, but at $17.80 I just couldn't swing it. Salvation Army really came through for me because once the mock turtle neck was cut off and the back zipper pulled out and stitched up, this became the perfect slouchy, shimmery sweater.



    youtube vids forever.

    im really into this dark lipstick. im also excited to not hate lyfe anymore and to use you for photogs/life friends. (sorry charlie, its not a choice.)

  2. I lov eyour sweater and the editorial you posted. Thanks for sharing the pictures and come adn visit me too when you have time.



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