Thursday, November 11, 2010

oh hi

oh hi. I wore some clothes today. I went to class. I had a test in trends in contemporary art. Every once in a while there is a gem of a general education class at my school. Usually not so much, economics might mean "lets BS and talk about at what age we started drinking alcohol and what are religious beliefs are." and Chemistry and Society might mean "here's the answers for your test next week now lets play with some blocks and make atoms." But my contemporary art class is one of the gems, which I am really enjoying. I even had fun writing my essay yesterday. I was sitting in the library surrounded by books on existentialism and Francis Bacon. After my test I worked on my portfolio all day which is coming together alright. Back to the fact that I wore clothes today....

tank-A Camp band tee, lace blouse, sweater-thrift, skirt- Marc Jacobs, tights, socks, shoes-F21

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