Thursday, December 2, 2010

So So Into Asos

Forgive me for I have recently discovered the joys of Asos. To be honest "Over 40,000 styles" is a little overwhelming. After too many hours perusing the site, picking my favorites, and arranging shotty Photoshop themed wish-lists I am a bit exhausted! And I barely strayed into the branded items besides the Asos collection. There is just so much lovely and interesting stuff for little moneys. There are a couple things I am tempted to really purchase rather than just stare at in collage form.

I am wondering if over in the UK Asos is looked down upon in the same way as Forever 21. Cheap knock offs, excepting that Asos also sells better brands. But honestly I have a bit of a rant brewing on this topic. I am most definitely a fast fashion fan and am not afraid to admit it. Sure I can lust over Balenciaga, but the reality of the situation is that fast fashion is my budget. The cheaper end of the spectrum i.e. Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe  get the brunt of the criticism, but honestly most brands are just as guilty. Ann Taylor, Jcrew, Urban Outfitters... its all about interpreting designer collections for your customer. Everyone is looking to the biggest names in fashion for product inspiration and straight-up knock offs. My purchase of a designer inspired item at a fast fashion store is not hurting the high end designer because I am not their target customer. The target customer at Forever 21 is young, trendy, and on a budget, they prefer to have a large selection of clothing rather than an edited capsule closet. Surely I hope to someday be able to own a few high end garments but I don't think the fast fashion and better brands will ever disappear from my wardrobe because I just am not going to be a part of that income bracket that these designers are aiming their product at.

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