Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garden of Horses

When I first saw this print peaking out of the crowded rack of my second favorite thrift store I pulled it half way out and then wedged it right back in. I started to walk away. My step almost complete, I reeled back around and pulled the shirt fully from its bar. Hanger in hand, I studied it a minute. I inched it back toward the rack and then one more second guess. I placed it in my armload of goodies. In the end I am happy that I parted with the $1.50 for this wacky button up. But the print, I just cant imagine the textile designer who found it necessary to put shaped hedges onto striped fabric. Nonetheless I think I love that person. It seemed the perfect companion for this skirt which I have had for ages but never wear anymore.

top, cardigan, belt, bracelets: thrifted, skirt: Free People, shoes: Steve Madden


  1. $1.50? That's awesome! Great find! It really suits you well!

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  2. cute look!

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