Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A new hobby of mine is wasting away my days watching Ally Mcbeal on Netflix. It used to be, back in the first two season that Ally and her female colleagues showed up to their law firm in suits. Short skirted suits, but suits nonetheless. Then season three roles around. With the addition of Portia de Rossi and Lucy Lui to the cast, many an over the top late 90's look graced the screen. Ally and pretty much all the ladies suddenly began to dress casually in looks that didn't quite scream law firm. But this show is somewhat silly entertainment so, the clothes might as well be fun. After one to many almost envious color block sweater made it's apearance. I was excited to see this outfit, by far my favorite yet since the show's embrace of fashion, in an episode where Ally falls for a homeless man....


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