Thursday, December 15, 2011

friends that come and thoes who go.


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Friendship is of the highest value in my book.  I have been lucky enough to have some of the most incredible people as my friends, but I haven't been lucky enough to hold on to many of those friendships. Growing up I always seemed to get close to the girls who ended up moving away. A childhood best friends moved out of the neighborhood and when he returned, we had missed those formative social years of adolescents and friendship was no longer there. In high school I thought I had it made, this group of 6 or so girls that changed everything. But then we all began to change and by Junior year the group had deteriorated. Still a few stayed by my side and we went on to create new friendships, many of which faded for there own reasons. In my choice to go to college out of state I challenged myself to making friends in a new place starting completely on my ow. As a somewhat social awkward person this never came easy. I managed though and met a small handful of greats. I don't know though I guess people just grow and change in different directions. A person can have a great impact on another in a short time. It almost seems as if there has been more ends than beginnings. Which obviously is not possible. Newer friendships will hopefully get stronger and maybe older ones will resurface.  How do I tie these too personal ramblings to my style blog? There is no way really, except maybe the idea that friendship truly inspires me. And what is there to dress for if not to connect with people? hmmmm.


  1. I think I heard you rambling deeply. Moved, I awakened to read your heardfelt styling tickling like lace at once soft and palely scratchy. On the garment of Friendship, the labeled wash cycle is delicates.

  2. correction=heartfelt

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