Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The clothes you chose are stylish, son. Why you gotta wear the gun?"

In the third grade my classmates really liked Hanson and Spice Girls. As if I didn't already stick out like a sore thumb, I couldn't even pretend to agree with them.With my family of hipster-ish bohemian-ish parents and two older sisters, my tastes were otherwise influenced. I pretty much idolized my oldest sister who, at the time, was a high school freshman into the 90's rave scene. I liked whatever music my sisters liked ( Hole, Nirvana, Green Day), or the stuff that played in my parents stereo ( Juliana Hatfield, Frente, Squeeze, Erasure). Honestly, I don' t know where my obsession with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones came from. I remember once mentioning my favorite band in the same third grade class, where I withstood the torment of my disdain for manufactured pop music.
"Oh yeah what's your favorite Mighty Mighty Bosstones song?" questioned one disbelieving boy.
"Royal Oil" I coyly offered up my opinion. (my 8 year old self unaware of it's topic of heroin addiction)
"That's not even a song of theirs." The other 'fan' boy said.

I guess I am just trying to say that I am cooler than everyone in my third grade class..... and that yesterday I proudly wore my Bosstones shirt, paired with faux-shearling, late 90's graphics, and Kelly green snake skin flats.
My sister got me the freakin cool long leather strip earrings for the holidays. I wanted to wear just one and mix it into a really texture and print heavy outfit. I liked it mingling with the vest and the proportion of it dangling past my waist line. I will come back and link the designer once I get the name from my sister!

Vest- F21, skirt- thrited, shoes- Old Navy


  1. Which little boy told you that? Fuck him!

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