Tuesday, January 24, 2012

90's modern

I've had far too much time off lately. Which should mean many blog posts and the beginnings of all my entrepreneurial undertakings, alas, not much has come of my time yet. I'm hoping the motivational bug bites tomorrow.  As of now I am spending most of my time in house clothes. I thought getting dressed, putting on heels would get me going. All I have done today if finally bring some clothes to Salvation Army and cook curry for dinner. I plan to spend the rest of the evening cleaning as a clean space always relieves the stress that often keeps me bedridden.

I went for 90's vibes with the flannel, cropped sweater, and thigh highs.I really wanted to incorporate the barrette, so I threw my hair up in a sort of messy up-do. These shoes are probably my favorite. My sister and I bough them literally 12 yeas ago. I remember wearing them once in the 6th grade.

 Sweater- Proof Excellence, dress- Twelve by twelve (F21), flannel- Ralph Lauren, socks-H&M, shoes- Rocket Dog, barrette- thrift


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