Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When I was little this empty bottle sat on a bookshelf at my grandparents. That bottle looked just like this...

I used to pick up that bottle and smell the inside close to my nose every time i visited. The smell, to me, was the most lovely  had ever encountered. This ritual continued into my teenage years. Finally one day I looked at the bottom of that bottle where a label read "Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne. My mother promptly ordered me a bottle from a co-worker who was an Avon sales representative. This has become a staple sent for me. When first applied the sent is a little overpowering and smells a bit like baby powder but once it settles it smells just as that little red oriental bottle smelled. A sniff at my wrist at the end of a hard day evokes memories of my grandparents house.
Unfourtunatly the Sweet Honesty bottle now looks like this...

Now I am wondering when Avon stopped packaging their fragrances in pretty and quirky bottles. I'm sure todays Avon customer is much more simple, classic than kitschy.

My other fregrence staples include any of Escada's fruity summer Island Kiss, The Body Shop White Musk Parfume Oil, and Betsey Johnson.


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