Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth’’

A few weeks ago my friend and I were browsing the internet in class when I came upon these irregular choice boots on a blog...

This quickly linked me to the Irregular Choice website. As the thumbnails of beautiful shoes loaded on the screen my friend and I both literally jumped towards the screen gasping. I just fell immediately for these black rounded wedges with some spectator style some studs and some absurd height they are the kind of shoe that makes any outfit work. But as a browsed the site it just got better and better and pinned over more and more. I've always loved the brand but somehow this current selection blows my mind. British designer Dan Sullivan designs irregular Choice. The brand aims to fill the gap for unique, creative shoes that stand out among the ordinary. The designs are perfect for the customers who are bored with the standard options. The shoes are also relatively inexpensive. (Well inexpensive in comparison to many designer brand, but out of reach for the fashion dreaming college student and part time Forever 21 employee.)

So more beautiful shoes follow.

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